About us

About Us

The construction sector has gained a massive speed and importance in our country. Every day new constructions, roads, bridges and tunnels are built. Turkey, from the city break is contemporary and rapidly developing. Time has changed and Turkey has been able to keep up with those changes and the rising expectation of its people.

Mega Machinery which mainly provides a quick, competitive service in the construction sector, has a high quality, contemporary and robust construction companies. It also provides the needed equipment and support. In addition, it plays a percentage of 60% of sales,, performing over the concrete centrals. Mega Machinery undertakes of all spare parts and tecnical service services after sales , maintenance, repair of operations companies.

In addition, Today Mega Machine has an extensive range in the areas of Coarse Material Handling, Dust Filtration, Solid-Liquid seperation, Mixing and Vibration Technology which are considered as part of this Turkish-Italian firm WAMGROUP. The scope of this dealership is up to WAM, Oli and Carolone WAMGROUP products which are related to sales.

Mega Machinery provides support and equipment in the construction sector as well as agriculture and chemical industries in the production of special products in the market. From the spiral used in the agricultural sector, chemical and cosmetic industry and various sectors provide a variety of equipment. All these products after sales are provided by the Mega Machine. Work with contracted maintenance service companies also offer periodic Mega-Machines, allowing companies to work together in developing and improving Turkey to achieve progress.